Frequently asked questions

It goes into a holding Account through FNB under the management of our Financial Advisor

Once notified, your savings are easily accessible with notification of 10 days prior to release.


You can make payment online by credit card or via eft. Alternatively, you can transfer into the AdornTours bank account. You’ll find the bank details on your invoice.

Whenever money is deposited into your Wallet with WD, you can head over to https://williamdavid.co.za/my-account/ to view your balance.

You would be able to view this under  https://williamdavid.co.za/my-account/ . Note – in order for money to leave your wallet, WD will notify clients AND must receive written and signed consent from the account holder to release, purchase or move any funds.

WD Manages the Account. This is overseen by our Accountant.

  1. Should the booking not be made with WilliamDavid Travel, a Fee of 3% of your total savings will be held as Admin Fees.
  2. Payments are to be made into the WilliamDavid FNB Account via EFT ONLY. Should payments be made by Card, the allocated swipe fees will be deducted from the Wallet and the balance will be reflected in the account.
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